Hobby Lobby Will Not Comply

The Supreme Court is saying, “Tough luck Hobby Lobby. Don’t you know that freedom of religion is a non issue? Come on, get with it you stupid Christians. God does not exist because He is not mentioned in the Constitution. God is not constitutional so therefore the only freedom of religion is freedom from religion.” Darn, I’m good! My mother was right. I should have been a lawyer…I could have been a great Supreme Court justice!


So how about it Christian America? Are you tired yet of being slapped around? Or are you ready to finally acknowledge Christ as your King?
Let’s take it to the streets in peaceful procession behind our King. Get ready for Save America Sunday 2013! Visit http://www.processionstosaveamerica.com to learn more.

No Peace without Natural Law

In this article the pope explains how peace cannot exist with abortion and gay marriage. This makes so much sense, because when we violate the natural law written on our hearts by God, we are doing violence against our own human natures. A house divided against itself cannot stand. That is why we need to acknowledge the social kingship of Christ, which is rooted in natural law. Anything less will collapse, as we are seeing now.


The God Haters

To the God haters, freedom of religion really means freedom
FROM religion and so they also want to limit freedom of speech so they don’t even have to hear anyone speak about God. Forgive me for playing psychologist for a moment but this is displaced hatred. They only hate
God because they hate themselves but they will not admit
this sad fact to anyone.
My favorite part of this whole article by Judie Brown
is the last sentence. Because every now and then, the
truth is so refreshing….


A poem

In honor of the 87th anniversary of Quas Primas, December 11.

Let’s have Christ our President
Let us have him for our King
Cast your vote for the Carpenter
That you call the Nazarene
The only way we can ever beat
These crooked politician men
Is to run the money changers out of the temple
Put the Carpenter in.
—Woody Guthrie

Kansas Town Bullied by Freedom from Religion Foundation

The FFRF (Freedom From Religion Foundation) is bullying a city government with a lawsuit threat and apparently it is working! The town is going to remove a cross from the town seal due to legal blackmail. You can read more about it here:


The Focus Has to Change

This is a very accurate assessment of the nature of the beast we now confront. The pro-life movement as it exists today is on life support because it is too political and that no longer works in our post Christian culture.

I used to work for a national pro-life organization and I have known for many years now that fighting the battle politically is a colossal waste of time and money. We need to fight our battles now by building up Catholic culture and by praying our little hearts out!